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Are you a Mineral or Gemstone show looking to attract an audience?

Are you a Mineral dealer looking for targeted customers?

Are you an Educational program targeting students and teachers?

Minerals.net attracts a varied audience with one thing in common: they are interested in minerals and gemstones. Minerals.net has an extremely wide exposure with an average of more than 715,000 pageviews per month, and over 180,000 unique monthly visitors.

Advertising Opportunities Include:

  • Site wide banner ads in the site header
  • Front page banner ads
  • Banner ads on the left side of all Mineral and Gemstone pages
  • Text sponsorships of Mineral and Gemstone pages

Site Features:

  • Detailed information and photos of hundreds of minerals
  • Detailed information and photos of almost all popular gemstones
  • Mineral glossary with over 1,000 entries
  • Educational Mineral research articles
  • Mineral and Gemstone Website Directory
  • Mineral Blog
  • Community powered Mineral Gemstone Q&A Site - answers.minerals.net

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