Pink Elbaite on Quartz

Pink Elbaite on Quartz from Tourmaline Queen Mine, San Diego County, California

Collection Former Klaus Neurmann.


A Quartz matrix hosting an intense Elbaite Tourmaline crystal with a hot pink color, a flaming bright and more "neon" than Himalaya Mine produced by a slight bit. Atop, it is capped by a clear zone topped by several millimeters of intense purple zoning (when viewed from the side). The Tourmaline has extraordinary glassy luster and is complete all around. The Quartz matrix is actually a crystal fragment, even if broken on most faces, and serves as a nice contrasting pedestal. This is old material, and crystals with such color saturation are hard to obtain today. From the well-known tourmaline collection of Klaus Neumann. Also, this was formerly in the F John Barlow Collection (dispersed in 1998).


Tourmaline Queen Mine, San Diego County, California


4.8 x 3.7 x 2.3 cm.