Elegant, Elongated Proustite

Elegant, Elongated Proustite from Schlema, Saxony, Germany


Robert Lavinsky


This radiant, cherry-red cluster of crystallized Proustite is from one of the great European locales, though we see few on the market. This cluster is elegant and sparkling, rather than the usual dull lumpy mass of dark Proustite. It has been kept in a box, or in the dark, for most of its lifetime since being mined - Proustite does slowly go darker over time in light. All of the slim crystal terminations seem to be terminated in a slight hopper growth with a dimple turning inward. For overall aesthetics, color, and size, this is a highly unusual specimen. Ex. Skip Szenics collection. Joe Budd photos.


Schlema, Saxony, Germany


4.2 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm.