Gigantic Incredible Stibnite Crystal Mass

Gigantic Incredible Stibnite Crystal Mass from Wuling Mine, Qingjiang, Wuning Co., Jiangxi Province, China


Robert Lavinsky


This massively large, important specimen is one of the few giants removed from the famous Wuling mine by a team working exclusively for specimen recovery, in around 2003. It came to the US in its own shipping crate as a specimen perhaps 6 times the size and mass, from which this core of undamaged, pristine, remarkably aesthetic crystals was obtained. There is nearly zero damage to the specimen, and certainly none to any core crystals. It is a miracle that such a thing could come out intact and even at this reduced size after the trimdown, it weighs nearly 200 pounds. While too big for nearly all collectors, it is truly a "museum piece" in more than just words. Under half a dozen pieces of this size and calibre are thought to exist, including one that is actually twice the size, from the same pocket, that has now been donated to the American Museum of Natural History and resides in a place of honor in a front atrium, in its own showcase. People stand next to that piece, taking photos with the natural swords of Stibnite cluster, all day long. This piece is of the same impact. Although Stibnite is now perhaps all too common, this particular pocket and mine will be remembered as one of the major finds of China to date, and from it this piece will stand out. It was previously in the personal collection of the company that extracted and brought the pocket to the U.S., and was then acquired by Rob Lavinsky. The piece really is mindblowing and would be a prime centerpiece for any museum or major collection. Below the main photo is a smaller photo with a hand in the picture just to get an idea of the sheer size. Jeff Scovil photo.


Wuling Mine, Qingjiang, Wuning Co., Jiangxi Province, China


90 x 75 x 70 cm.