Blue Anhydrite Crystal Group

Blue Anhydrite Crystal Group from Braen's Quarry, Haledon, Passaic Co., New Jersey


Hershel Friedman


A very large grouping of blue Anhydrite crystals. Anhydrite is rare from the New Jersey traprock localities. Most Anhydrite from New Jersey has long since dissolved, leaving hollow Anhydrite casts covered over by Quartz and Prehnite. However, at the Braen's Quarry, non-dissolved, original Anhydrite has been found in the 2000's in the form of dense crystals with a pleasing blue color. This specimen is unique for its large size, and is the largest I have ever seen from the locality. Collected by Curt Hennig; ex Conahay collection. Acquired from Robert Batic at the North Jersey mineral show in Midland Park, April 2017. Currently in the Hershel Friedman collection.


Braen's Quarry, Haledon, Passaic Co., New Jersey


14.5 x 14 x 11 cm.


Hershel Friedman