The Gemstone Pyrite (Marcasite)

Pyrite Oval Cabochon

Pyrite, often called "Fools Gold", has a silvery-yellow to golden metallic color. It is very common and may occur in large crystals. It has been used by ancient civilizations as jewelry, but is hardly used nowadays. Pyrite is sometimes incorrectly known as Marcasite in the gemstone trade. Marcasite is mineral that is a polymorph of Pyrite, and can be fragile and unstable, and is not fit for gemstone use.


? Metallic, Yellow, Gray


? 6 - 6.5

Mineral Class

? Pyrite

Additional Properties

Crystal System
? Isometric
Double Refraction
? None
? Opaque
? 4.9 - 5.2
? Metallic
Cleavage ? None


? Pyrite is used mostly as costume jewelry and as inexpensive beads. It is occasionally also carved into small roses, edge stones, and cabochons. Sometimes, perfect pyritohedral crystals are used in jewelry without being faceted. Aggregates of small sparkling natural Pyrite crystals are often used as a base material for ornamental figures.

Other Names


Treatments & Enhancements

? Pyrite is natural and not treated or enhanced.

The Gemstone Pyrite (Marcasite) Sources

? Pyrite is an extremely prevalent mineral and is found worldwide. Peru contains the most extensive deposits for collectors.

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