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The Gemstone Sphene

Golden Orange Sphene

Sphene is the gemstone name of the mineral Titanite. Sphene is known for its exceptional dispersion, resulting in gemstones that show brilliant fire. The dispersion of Sphene exceeds even that of Diamond. However, the relatively low hardness of Sphene inhibits its use as a mainstream gemstone.


? Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown


? 5 - 5.5

Chemical Formula

? CaTiSiO5

Mineral Class

? Titanite

Additional Properties

Crystal System
? Monoclinic
Refractive Index
? 1.84 - 2.11
Double Refraction
? .100 - .192
? Transparent
? 3.4 - 3.6
? Adamantine
Cleavage ? 2,2

All About

Sphene comes in several colors, but the most prevalent color used in gemstones is yellowish-green to orange-brown. Sphene is also strongly pleochroic, with different colors at different angles. Sphene gemstones often have inclusions and flaws, especially when in larger sizes. Clean Sphene gemstones are uncommon and are highly sought after.


? Sphene is a minor gemstone and used mainly for collectors. Since Sphene gemstones have a low hardness and are easily scratched, they are limited to earrings and pendants when used in jewelry.

Treatments & Enhancements

? Although the color of Sphene gemstones may be turned red or orange through heat treatment, most Sphene gemstones remain untreated.

Sphene Sources

? Gem Sphene sources include Austria, Brazil, Pakistan, Namibia, Madagascar, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

Similar Gemstones

? Chrysoberyl, Beryl, Zircon, and Peridot all have a greater hardness. 

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